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I started 35 years ago with lessons of my own. After a few years of lessons and working at a barn, my family and I decided to purchase 2 horses of our own. Tommy a classic Morgan and Dimetri a though breed. Now Tommy was a great horse to which you could jump on and ride. Then my sweet though breed Dimetri 3 weeks off track. He was a tough cookie to crack, but with time and patience. Dimetri became a great trail horse as well as a great all rounder. We broke each other you could say. So bring us closer to today have been very fortunate to have my quarter horse stud which I broke as well ( you would fall in love with him- he is a big sweetie) as well as several other horses. I am able to have a boarding barn and still am able to work and train horses and also giving riding lessons. I truly have the best life and enjoy every day.